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5. How does this Essay Writing Service Work?


How does this Essay Writing Service Work? is a freelance board for students and professional essay writers.

You may get help with any type of academic assignments: essay, coursework, term paper, business plan, case study, article review, research paper, presentation, and speech. Top writers can help with complex assignments such as dissertations, thesis papers, etc. All our writers are professionals possessing excellent knowledge in their field of expertise, perfect writing skills, quality and speed.

Place an order and submit your assignment details. Writers will review your instructions and will bid for the order with their price. Choose the best writer by price, rating, reviews, completion rate and accept the bid. Then deposit the agreed amount. The assigned writer will start working on your paper. You can communicate with him directly and control the writing process. Your writer will submit the completed paper by the deadline. Check that it is written according to your instructions, rate your writer and release the payment. Otherwise, you can request a revision and tell the writer what you need to be changed.

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All writers are rated by their customers for each completed order and you may see their ratings, reviews, order completion rate, number of completed orders by subject. That is why only true professionals can work at .

Why is better than others?

The answer is simple, with enables you to:

  • Choose a writer for your paper with the most affordable price.
  • Evaluate writers by real order statistics and client reviews.
  • Negotiate the price with the writer.
  • Deposit funds after you have a writer for your essay
  • Communicate with the writer directly.
  • Release the payment to your writer only after you accept the completed paper.
  • Request unlimited revisions according to your initial instructions.
  • Hire the writer for your next order if you choose.

How do I choose a writer and price?

First, you need to place an order and specify all details: subject, topic, number of pages and sources, style, level and description. Your order becomes available to writers and they evaluate order complexity and availability of sources. This may take some time so please wait about 15-30 minutes to get enough bids.

We recommend to choose among the writers that have good background and knowledge in your subject. You can check it on their Profiles: look at the number of orders completed in your subject area.

The second criteria is a rating. Customers rate the work of writer after each completed order and post a review. Rating is an average client satisfaction level. Please also read client reviews to know what you should pay attention to while working with the writer.

The third criteria is a completion rate. Sometimes writers take orders that are very complex and are hard to finish by the deadline. They may fail to complete them or their customers don't like the paper and cancel the order. Completion rate reflects that.

And finally, talk to the writer before you accept the offer. Ask him if he understands your assignment instructions correctly. Ask about availability of sources required to use in your paper. Discuss when you want to see a draft.

What if I don't see any acceptable bids from writers? If you have enough time, just wait. Writers need some time to analyze your order details and check availability of sources. Some writers are busy with other orders or are out of their work place.

If you have only few bids after 2-3 hours then there may be a problem with your assignment details. Make sure that your order description is correct and clearly describes what you need. Also check that all sources required for writing your paper are available online. Writers may go to the library to access rare books if needed but it takes some time. If you have any files or helpful information - please upload them to your order.

Usually the main problem is a lack of time to write the paper. Try to extend the deadline if it is very short.

In case you have enough bids but you can't afford the price, please negotiate it with writers in chat.

Remember, quality can’t be purchased cheaply. Don't choose a writer for your paper only by price. Evaluate their rating, reviews and completion rate.

You may shortlist 2 or more candidates and talk to them first. Then decide who is the best one and accept the bid. You cannot accept more than 1 bid for an order.

How and when do I pay for my order? is a freelance platform. It provides you with an account which you may deposit funds into and use them for order payments. You can withdraw the remaining funds from your account easily in case you place an order for smaller amount or cancel an order. You may also use an available account balance to pay for future orders.

You do not need to pay for your order after you submit it. Wait for bids from writers and review them. Choose the best bid and then deposit funds for the order contract. The contract amount will be reserved to pay for the completed paper. You may also use your available account balance to reserve funds for the contract. The agreed contract amount will be deducted from your balance and will remain reserved for your order until you accept the order or cancel it. Your writer will start working and will submit the completed paper by the deadline. Your next step is to review the paper and accept it or request a revision. If the paper is fine you should release the reserved payment to the writer. You may pay him less than 100% in case of lateness or minor paper issues but please note that writer may dispute your decision and the Quality Assurance Team will perform an investigation.

How can I control the writing process?

The best way is to ask your writer to upload drafts. Define 2-5 milestones depending on the size of the paper. Check drafts and tell your writer, if he is going in the right direction.

You may also ask the writer about the most important parts of your assignment. For example, how did he answer the main assignment question?

It is important to provide your writer with helpful information for your assignment including requirements and additional materials. Communicate with your writer via chat during the writing process and answer all questions. Read the final draft and completed paper carefully before you hand in it to your professor. Contact your writer with revision instructions if you feel that the paper is not ready for 100%.

Important notifications about your order, such as new uploaded files or new messages from the writer, will be sent your email and/or via sms. You may customise notifications in the Settings section.

What if I'm not satisfied with the paper?

Sometimes it happens that aclientis not satisfied with the paper. Usually, this is a result of bad communication with the writer and unclear order instructions.

If your paper is written according to your initial instructions then you should pay your writer. Otherwise, you have a right to cancel the order and return all reserved funds back to your account balance.

At , we rarely face serious issues with our papers and revision typically solves the problem.

If the order deadline has passed and there is no time for revision but the paper is still not 100% ready and perfect, you may release only partial payment according to the % of paper completion. Usually it is 85%-95%.

Please note that your decision may be disputed by your writer and our Quality Assurance team will review your case and analyze the paper.

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